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New York actor Jonathan Randall Silver, musician/lyricist, Lacy Rose and I, have embarked on a theatrical re-telling of Dylan Thomas's screen-play, "The Doctor and the Devils".   It's a potent and vital piece of literature, written by a master, and a story which is necessary to be told in our current social political climate. "The Doctor and the Devils" for the stage,  is currently in development this year.

The first staged concert/reading will be on June 22nd at 7pm at

The Ensemble Studio Theater

545 w. 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019


The trial of Burke and Hare: the horrific truth

Thomas's story is based on the true events surrounding the 1828 trial of "Burke and Hare" in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  At this time, professors in anatomy, could not legally obtain cadavers for study of the human body for the advancement of medicine. They were left with little options, save to illegally pay for stolen corpses, which were sold to them by grave robbers, or the so called "resarectionists".  The fresher the bodies, the more the medical professors paid. Two sorted men began murdering people and selling the bodies to the school. The professors never asked questions as to where the bodies were coming from. 

 It took a total of 16 murders and bodies sold, before the authorities caught on.