I am a story teller. I grew up on a farm in rural New Jersey. When I turned eleven, I started directing the neighbor kids in home movies and in plays, which we performed in my parents living room.  Later, in my youth, I began performing in school and in summer Shakespeare productions in Princeton, NJ.  I went on to study theater at Drew University in NJ and attended acting conservatory programs in both London and New York.   

I moved to New York. I came to this city with a mission: to tell stories that helped reflect our world and perhaps to make it a better place through story telling.  I have always believed that theater and film had the power to create empathy for others, bringing people of different ideas and backgrounds, together in a common space.  And I was an trained actor, so, I did what every young, female actress did, I auditioned!  I soon found myself at cattle calls; waiting among countless other actresses, all of us battling for the "girl next door" role in the latest student film project listed on That, or parts labeled, "hot girl" in various webisodes of random sketch comedy projects that popped up in my inbox. I soon found myself working on projects where directors literally told me to "just smile and be the nice girl".  I worked hard, and I soon booked respectable work, landing roles in projects for with Lifetime, CBS, ABC and Turner Broadcasting, along with several short and feature independent films and theater projects, all based in New York.  

Aside from navigating the dizzying career of a young female in the "business", I was also lucky to have found teaching as a side profession.  For nearly a decade, along with acting, I directed, and musical directed children's theater at the Richard Rodgers School for Arts and Technology.  I opened a private voice and acting studio, where I trained children and adults to sing and coached them for auditions.  I helped my students attend prestigious, New York, performing arts schools, such as PPAS and LaGuardia Highschool of Music, Art and the Performing Arts. A few of my students have gone on to perform on Broadway.

I also took some time, expanding my wings as a film producer.  My first film as a produce, I also acted in, was called 79'Parts, directed by Ari Taub. It won the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Soho International Film Festival in 2016. I have since signed on as an associate producer on several films including "Bite Me", directed by Meredith Edwards, and "Paradise City", directed by John Lopez. Both of these films are currently in post-production work.  I also recently co-wrote and starred in a short, written and directed by Catriona Rubenis-Stevens called " Noun", which is circulating 2018-2019 film festivals, both in the States and Abroad. 

A decade of acting, teaching, directing children's theater and producing later, I feel incredibly blessed; for the opportunities I had and the hard lessons I have learned.  As grateful as I was to have worked on other people's stories, I began to grow restless.  I needed to tell my own stories.  I grew frustrated trying to fit into achitypical (often stereotypical) roles, misrepresenting my own sex.  

For more than a year now, I have been focusing solely, on creating and telling stories that I feel, in some way, reflect the current world around me.  I am currently writing and producing an original feature film script, set in 1920, agricultural America.  I am also leading a team of talented artists, in adapting and developing a Dylan Thomas screenplay, called "The Doctor and the Devils" for the stage as a musical. More info. at